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12 Mar

A Nashville Music Resource Everyone Can Benefit From

by Andre Calilhanna on February 19, 2013 · 2 comments

in Business Forum,Fast Forward,Videos is a website chock full of excellent content and more than 300 interview segments featuring music business insights from songwriters, publishers, artists, musicians, entertainment attorneys, performance rights organizations (PROs), and other music industry veterans. While the site focuses on the music scene in Nashville, this music resource can benefit anyone looking to learn more about making a career in music.

The genesis of the site began about four years ago, when a businessman named Will Carter moved from Michigan to Nashville. He was soon was connected with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, and wanted to become active in the music scene, but couldn’t find a place to start. According to Doak Turner, long-time Nashville resident and founder of The Nashville Muse, it was like “moving to Vegas and not being able to find a felt table or a slot machine.” Turner and Carter soon met with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, and Music Starts Here was launched.

The idea was to provide access to Nashville‘s rich music industry to help newcomers explore the city, delve into music history, and benefit from some of the unique expertise housed in the Music City. Music Starts Here‘s mission, as stated on the website: is Nashville’s community, city and industry sponsored initiative designed to help artists, songwriters, musicians, technicians and industry professionals (“Musers”) simplify and streamline the craft and business of making music in and through Music City. To provide an ongoing, relevant and comprehensive resource portal for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams in music.

It’s easy to spend loads of time combing through the content and video on this site – so plan to lose a few hours and gain years of experience when you get there.

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