The Spotify Shakedown: “That’s a Real Nice Album You Got There I’d Hate For It To Be Torrented”

18 Jul

The Trichordist

We’ve been hinting at this for a while.  That essentially the streaming services implicitly  use the threat of piracy to negotiate lower rates with artists.    We suspect that is why a service like Spotify that claims to be “Pro-Artist”  refuses to speak out against Ad Supported Piracy despite our previous request for them to do so and despite the fact the “legal” services and pirate sites compete for exactly the same ad revenue.

We no longer have to hint at this.  It appears Spotify has crossed the rubicon.  In this corporate “study” they explicitly link non-availability on Spotify to increased piracy.  In other words:

“Thats a real nice album you got there. I’d hate to see it torrented”

To me this reads like a admission that the threat of piracy is fundamental to their business model.

(Ed note: Is this legal? A question for National Association of Attorneys General?

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