Royalty Fraud – MTT Open – Music Think Tank

8 Apr

Royalty Fraud – MTT Open – Music Think Tank.


Steven Frank Mramor – Music Review

26 Mar

Steven Frank Mramor – Music Review.

Copyright “safe harbors” shrink in wake of MP3Tunes, other red flag rulings

24 Mar


Studios have long came up short in controversial court campaigns to force websites to do more to stop piracy, but new developments this week show again they may be gaining the upper hand. This could be good news for the movie and music industries, but it could also be a cause for alarm for internet and technology advocates.

In case you missed it, a jury this week found that Michael Robertson, CEO of defunct music service MP3Tunes, was liable for copyright infringement. The jury concluded that Robertson, whose websites permitted users to upload songs and store them in “lockers,” had turned a blind eye to piracy — meaning that they forfeited the so-called “safe harbor” protections under copyright law that normally ensure that a website is not liable for the misdeeds of its users.

The significance of the case has little to do with MP3Tunes, which has long been…

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Some Music Business Red Flags! – News –

19 Mar

Some Music Business Red Flags! – News –

Have Streaming Services Become an Illegal ClusterF***? Why Does My Statement Show Statistically Unlikely Plays?

12 Mar

The Trichordist

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.19.43 AM

Medianet Statement reporting Beats and MOG plays.

This is the first of a series of posts in which I will highlight what appears to be statistical anomalies in the reporting of streaming and webcasting income to songwriters and performers.

Here is my songwriter statement from Medianet for plays on the Beats/MOG streaming service for Jan 2014.  Yes MEDIANET the same company that Aimee Mann successfully sued for distributing her songs without permission.   Now for the moment I’m not going to focus on whether Medianet is properly involved in this transaction.  No I don’t have a direct deal with this company however they could have been hired by the streaming service(s) to pay royalties. Another possibility is the company may be involved by requesting a compulsory license (although I can’t find in my records a legally required NOI from the company!)

For right now I just want to point out…

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Copyright basics: rights, licensing lingo, and more – Disc Makers

11 Mar

Copyright basics: rights, licensing lingo, and more – Disc Makers.

What ASCAP Members Need to Know About the Songwriter Equity Act and What You Can Do | ASCAP | The Trichordist

5 Mar

What ASCAP Members Need to Know About the Songwriter Equity Act and What You Can Do | ASCAP | The Trichordist.

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